The Not So Sweet Inbetween

Wed 1 Aug
She's a frail middle aged woman in a motorized wheelchair and she called because her teenage sons are stressing her out. When we get there, she's got a million and a half things she needs done: get the cops here for a report, bring me my laptop, call my neighbor, ask him to come watch the kids,... more


Mon 11 Jun
A lot of my posts end with some variation of this: "And then we zipped off into the night..." Right. That's because that tends to be the moment when our active part of the story ends. But what happens after all that frenzy? On the way, we're keeping things in order, check and rechecking... more

This Week In Other People’s Disasters

Sun 20 May
There's an ebb and a flow.months and months will pass and you'll only bring in chronic neck pain, chest colds, the occasional migraine and the same five drunks again and again. A minor MVA will seem exciting. These are the months i want to quit and never see an ambulance again in my life. Then,... more

Dead Guy In An Elevator

Sun 1 Apr
maybe I should start having more chipper names for these posts... Maybe that'd be deceitful though. I dont want people coming here thinking it's gonna be all care bears and unicorns and then getting traumatized when people keep dying. Yeah, okay. *keeps title*ANYWAY: job comes in as "MAN ACTING... more


Thu 23 Feb
Spoiler Alert: The patient in this post does not make it. I want to get that out of the way because there's some ups and downs in how it plays out and I don't want to put y'all through the emotional manipulation of wondering if she'll get through or not.We show up on a DIFF BREATHER call and find a... more


Thu 12 Jan
Apparently, this cat was talking on his cell phone and then, for no clear reason, ate pavement. According to the witness, he just dropped. When we found him, his mouth was around someone front step and there was a pool of blood and some teeth nearby. Securing his spine, we rolled him over, back... more


Mon 2 Jan
We were held up in the ER for a while the other day, crossed the sacred 40 minute threshold that sends little alarms up and down the system computers, pissing off captains who send angry messages to lieutenants who in turn send angry and/or passive aggressive messages to us. But since we're in the... more

WHO HEALS THE HEALERS? Notes On Trauma & Child Sex Abuse

Wed 23 Nov
* * * * Trigger Alert: This post deals with physical and sexual abuse of children. It's mostly non-specific and doesn't go into graphic details, mostly chronicling the emotional response of this first-responder to the event. * * * *Last week, for the first time in I don't know how long, the job... more


Tue 15 Nov
There's a scene in the Buddhacarita where the young Buddha-to-be is sneaking out of his palace one early morning after another night of debauchery. They spend about a full chapter doing the literary equivalent of a slow-pan over all these once gorgeous women all splayed out, makeup smudged, body... more


Sun 14 Aug
Seems the most common way for people to almost die is Acute Pulmonary Edema (APE). This, as I've blogged a lot about already,  is when the heart isn't pumping adequately enough and fluid backs up into the lungs, essentially drowning the person inside herself. It can happen over the course of days,... more