Context as Crisis: The Tweets! (storify)

Wed 8 Apr
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Urban Fantasy Writers of Color: An Ongoing List

Thu 2 Apr
1 misty nyc
This is, as Nalo Hopkinson perfectly puts it here, a long and imperfect convo:     @djolder This is a long convo. I think the narrow genre subdivisions aren't always a useful filter when looking 4 SF/F by poc. — Nalo Hopkinson (@Nalo_Hopkinson) April 1, 2015  ... more

On Outrage (Storify)

Mon 23 Mar
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On #KeepYAkind, Latina Mag Shenanigans and Assorted Sunday Fuckery (Storify)

Tue 17 Mar
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This Magic Moment: How We Fall in Love with Books (Storify)

Sat 14 Mar
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On Writing Other POVs and the Myth of the Solitary Writer (Storify)

Mon 9 Mar
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Announcement: SANTO The Graphic Novel Series

Thu 26 Feb
SANTO Ramses Sketch
Really really really excited to announce that I'll be partnering with the great Rosarium Publishing to create a brand new graphic novel series called SANTO! SANTO is about a team of badass santeros in an alternate universe early 2oth century Brooklyn filled with cool tiny robots, flying... more


Wed 25 Feb
PAINT A MURAL. START A BATTLE. CHANGE THE WORLD. My first Young Adult novel is available for pre-order!!!!! Amazon  *  Barnes & Noble  *  Books A Million  *  IndieBound  *  Powell's  *  iBooks and you can request an autographed copy from WORD Books here. Sierra Santiago planned... more

On Katrina, 9/11 and the Convenient Myths of Violence (Storify)

Mon 23 Feb
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Colorism, Lightwashing and AntiBlackness in Publishing (Storify)

Sat 21 Feb
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