On Butler and Lovecraft: A Response

Wed 20 Aug
Butler Lovecraft
Lovecraft scholar S.T. Joshi posted a rebuttal to my petition to change the World Fantasy Award statue to Octavia Butler and I want to respond to a few points in it. Joshi begins by dismissing my claim that Lovecraft was a terrible craftsman: “I believe it is now sufficiently well established... more

“…But Then You Read.” (Storify)

Sun 6 Jul
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Write When You’re Ready To Write (Storify)

Mon 2 Jun
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COVER REVEAL: Half-Resurrection Blues

Mon 2 Jun
Half-Resurrection Blues Final Cover
Beyond excited to reveal this stunning cover for my first novel, Half-Resurrection Blues, part of the Bone Street Rumba urban fantasy series from Penguin's Roc imprint. Y'all...I love this. That's the Grand Army Plaza behind Carlos, which sits right at the opening of Prospect Park and beside the... more

My Writing Process: Blog Tour

Mon 26 May
bunny type
My friend and mentor Tananarive Due asked me to take part in this excellent blog tour about writing process. It was passed to her by another friend of mine and fellow VONA alum Serena Lin. Here's Serena's post and here’s my contribution: 1) What are you working on? I’m juggling! About... more

Pub Deal Announcement: SHADOWSHAPER

Thu 22 May
In January 2009 I decided to write a book. I’ve always written, always made up strange worlds and sent characters hurdling into them, always dreamt of monsters. But until that day, I was scattered: a screenplay here, a few essays there. Some poems. None of ‘em went very far. I’d read all the... more

Storify on the Strange Horizons Long Hidden Review and Voice

Wed 14 May
<div><iframe src="//storify.com/djolder/on-a-strangehorizons-longhidden-review-and-voice/embed?border=false" width="100%" height=750 frameborder=no allowtransparency=true></iframe><script... more

Recent Publications

Fri 18 Apr
I Sought Solace in my Bookshelf: on love, violence and literature at Buzzfeed Books Move Over, Lovecraft...Fantasy Writers of Color are Coming Through at The Guardian Dust at Lightspeed/iO9 Animal, a short story at Nightmare Magazine Snowpiercer and the One White Dude To Rule Them All... more


Sat 1 Feb
(originally published in Salsa Nocturna)   In a couple of hours, Magdalena will walk out of a forest and into a field. I've imagined the moment so many times now. One of her spaghetti straps'll be hanging down her shoulder and she'll still be carrying the machete with her. She... more


Wed 15 Jan
These workshops are available for all ages and can be tailored to fit different times. Shoot me an email to discuss pricing and availability: danieljose@ghoststar.net   THE STORY OF POWER AND THE POWER OF STORY In this 3-hour workshop we will break open the rules and preconceived... more