Breaking Bad Season 3’s Epic Finale

Mon 30 Dec
First of all, shout out to the amazing use of that opening preamble section. As the show's matured, they've put those couple minutes before the Opening Titles to amazing use. What's refreshing about it is that since the show is otherwise so tightly written, each tiny moment builds the story, they... more

Boardwalk Empire’s Amazing Penultimate Episode Disorder

Fri 27 Dec
***Massive Spoilers throughout*** Boardwalk Empire wrapped up last week and while it remains one of the best written/acted/produced/directed shows on TV, the finale left much to be desired. One thing that seems to happen with a lot of HBO shows is the phenomenon of having an outstanding... more

Introduction Speech for Nalo Hopkinson, December 13, 2013 Antioch University

Sun 15 Dec
  Some stories, when you finish them, make you want to run five laps around the block. Others make you throw the book/e-device, both for good and bad reasons. And then every once in a while you come across that rare and special story that when you land on that last word and put it down... more

Some Awesome Story Things About Breaking Bad Seasons 1 & 2

Fri 29 Nov
  Just finished season 2 of Breaking Bad, #EpicLatePass I know yes, shut up whatever I'm a busy man so there it is. Anyway, I guess everyone already knows it's amazing and all that but here are some things in the story-craft department that struck me as particularly above and beyond the... more

We Rise Together: Resisting White Institutional Culture In Publishing

Sun 24 Nov
Had coffee with Saeed today and we were talking about how, as people of color, we are socialized to feel gratitude to even have a seat at the table in the publishing industry, and how silencing that discomfort can be, the challenges of knowing how and when to push, how to gain and maintain a strong... more

Befriending The Non-Fiction Dragon

Thu 21 Nov
  I was gonna call this "Slaying The Non-Fiction Dragon" but then I found this picture by Long Hidden cover artist Julie Dillon and that title ceased to make sense. It was corny anyway. ANWYAY anyway: If you follow me on twitter, you know that while I'm generally a happy writer, I... more

Conversations In The SFF Culture Wars

Sun 20 Oct
There's been a lot of hoopla recently about this issue, including the #DiversityInSFF hashtag and assorted follow up blogs, comments, arguments. Really, it's a conversation we've been having since long before I got involved in the sci-fi community, and it's good it's getting some large scale... more

Fantasy Writer Cerece Rennie Murphy Vlog Reviews Salsa Nocturna

Sun 20 Oct
  Was honored to be reviewed by the great Cerece Rennie Murphy on her Black Speculative Fiction Month Video blog: Cerece Rennie Murphy Black Speculative Fiction Month Video... more

A Character Creating Workshop

Thu 28 Feb
This is a workshop I did with the girls I'm working with at Bailey's Cafe. It's partly inspired by a similar activity Tayari Jones was tweeting about a little while back. The ideas they came up with were terrific. 1. On one page, write the best (or one of the best) things anyone's ever said to... more

El Sendero: Next Big Thing Blog

Thu 3 Jan
  So this is a blog thread going around where different writers update on what we're working on and then pass it along. I was tagged by Kiini Ibura Salaam who got it from Ibi Zoboi, both amazing writers I'm proud to be in a collective with. What is the working title of your next... more