Guestblog: Borges’ Birdman & The Roots of Story

Wed 18 Jul
The great Nathan Bransford was kind enough to host me as a guestblogger today, head over there for my musings on the great Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges, his thoughts on nightmares and my own writing... more

Salsa Nocturna Liner Notes: Graveyard Waltz

Fri 13 Jul
Graveyard Waltz
Gordo, having lost his job at the overnight care center, ends up working at Evergreen Cemetery, naturally. The still-unwritten story that this one runs peripheral to is Janey’s adventures creating Brooklyn’s version of the Golem with the kids she works with at the nonprofit. I’ve always loved... more

Salsa Nocturna Liner Notes: Skin Like Porcelain Death

Fri 13 Jul
Marcus Garvey Park has always felt like it was populated by the serenest of ancient park spirits, nodding and hmmming at the antics of all the families and teenagers and drunks that play out around them. I used to sit there on an overnight ambulance – it was one of the busiest units I ever... more

Salsa Nocturna Liner Notes: Salsa Nocturna

Fri 13 Jul
I used to work at an overnight care center for deaf kids with emotional problems. It was the summer before I went to Cuba and I would stay up all night studying music while the little ones slept. Sometimes they’d wake up to use the bathroom or because they’d had nightmares, but my ASL was... more

Salsa Nocturna Liner Notes: Tenderfoot

Fri 13 Jul
The inspiration for this story came one night when I was outside in the backyard I had at the time. I’d built a little shrine for Oshun on the concrete grill under some trees and I was spending some time with it.  A warm wind picked up, the leaves around me shook and shushed and I heard a... more

Salsa Nocturna: The Publisher’s Weekly Review

Thu 28 Jun
 A delicate mix of horror and humor permeates this striking and original set of 13 linked supernatural noir tales. Carlos Delacruz is “barely alive at all, a botched resurrection, trapped in perpetual ambiguity.” Naturally, he works as a soulcatcher for New York City’s Council of the Dead.... more

On Fiction: The Delicate Balance of Comfort & Surprise

Thu 28 Jun
A lot of the pleasure we find in music comes from the interplay between comfort and surprise. Most mainstream songs use any of a handful of basic patterns and chord progressions, be it verse-chorus-verse, 12 bar blues, AAAB, etc. We hear that familiarity and we warm to it. From the midst of one of... more

The Crate

Fri 15 Jun
Originally published in Crossed Genres When you first stood up in that board meeting your long black and gray locks dropped like a waterfall all the way down to your ass and your stony serious face looked like it would forever refuse to smile. I liked that about you. Never had time to tell you,... more


Mon 11 Jun
A lot of my posts end with some variation of this: "And then we zipped off into the night..." Right. That's because that tends to be the moment when our active part of the story ends. But what happens after all that frenzy? On the way, we're keeping things in order, check and rechecking... more

This Week In Other People’s Disasters

Sun 20 May
There's an ebb and a flow.months and months will pass and you'll only bring in chronic neck pain, chest colds, the occasional migraine and the same five drunks again and again. A minor MVA will seem exciting. These are the months i want to quit and never see an ambulance again in my life. Then,... more